EasyEcom provides integration with all the major logistics providers in the industry. The AI-enabled carrier allotment ensures the cheapest carrier selection with the best delivery experience for your customers. Advanced rule engine enables you to configure carrier allocation logic basis weight, item price, product dimensions, etc.

Why EasyEcom

Timely Order Fulfillment with Faster Shipments

Seamless Logistics Integration

With EasyEcom, you get access to all the major logistics players in the industry for a seamless experience. DHL, FedEx, BlueDart, UPS, USPS, etc are some of the channels integrated with the panel.

Seamless Order Tracking

EasyEcom generates tracking for all the integrated carrier partners and allows the option of manually entering the tracking number of carrier partners that are not integrated with the system. The system also updates the status in the marketplace once the order is ready to be picked.

Print Shipping Labels With Predefined AWB

The label for selfship orders can be printed with the predefined AWB numbers or the instantly generated AWB numbers from the logistics partner’s portal.

Prioritize Logistics Partner

You can integrate the logistics partner’s panel with the omnichannel platform of EasyEcom and prioritize one partner over the other using the advanced configuration options.

Smoothly Handle Multiple Shipping Partners

The system handles multiple logistics partners smartly to deliver packages in the shortest time and at the best price possible. You can create complex rules with nested logic. It will automatically assign a carrier based on the shipping rules you have set. Now you can define advanced shipping rules based on the parcel weight, dimensions, order value, etc.

Print Shipping labels for non-integrated channels  

In the absence of APIs, the system cannot integrate certain carrier partners. In such cases,  you can enter a predefined tracking number in the system and generate a shipping label.

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