The best in industry analytics solution for your entire organization to accurately monitor, explore, and share insights from your data. EasyEcom’s advanced data analytics provides comprehensive business reports as well along with a channel-wise breakdown. The sales, tax, margin, profit, tax, reconciliation, GRN, B2B reports, etc give you insights into the business operations and an opportunity to scale based on the data.

Why EasyEcom

Make your data work for you

Get a Consolidated Business Overview

With advanced data analytics and reporting, you get a complete overview of your business. EasyEcom provides sales analysis reports that show the trends in the sales volume over time, a margin report on SKU level, brand level, and channel level, and a detailed profit and loss report. This data helps you strategize your business growth and plan your upcoming moves.

Analyze your Inventory Accurately

EasyEcom aggregates inventory across channels and helps brands optimize their purchasing. No need to manage large spreadsheets and complex formulae for inventory planning. With proper demand planning, brands have experienced a 99.99% decrease in their stock-outs and an 85% improvement in overstocking errors.

Reconcile Business Data

Reconciliation amounts to a series of steps, each of which involves multiple sub-processes, tasks, resources, and audit points. EasyEcom provides a unified platform for all your payments, returns, and inventory to be reconciled. With state-of-the-art technology, the reports generated give a clear insight into the next course of action, thereby saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Drive Actionable Insights from Reconciliation Reporting

Generate a rich variety of reports from a single panel for all your business purposes. EasyEcom offers reconciliation reports across all functions with functionalities like Return Reconciliation, Payment Reconciliation, and Stock Reconciliation for you to identify and correct any errors.

Complete Sales & Return Report

Get the complete sales and returns data across channels in a single report. With advanced data analytics, the reports give you all actionable insights into business health.

Complete inventory analytics

Get the complete inventory analytics across all channels and warehouses from our inventory reports. Based on the sales and returns data, manage your purchase and selling operations across different channels and focus on getting the most out of your strategies. 

B2B Reports

Get consolidated B2B reports and position your business towards better scaling opportunities. The EasyEcom B2B portal allows you to download reports like B2B Offline sales report, B2B Distributor Inventory report, B2B Order Fulfillment report, etc.  

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