Managing procurement is one of the most crucial business activities. On-time order placement, inventory forecasting, PO generation, and supplier management are some of the operations at the forefront that make up the procurement management module of EasyEcom, which is designed for brands to maintain a robust supply chain.

Why EasyEcom

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Centralized Inventory Planning

Analyze stock levels and demand location-wise and manage inventory centrally. Create stock transfer orders, purchase orders (PO), and sync data with different accounting systems.

Automated Purchase process

Automate your entire purchasing process. EasyEcom’s proprietary AI-driven technology can monitor your inventory levels and create automated purchase orders based on the sales velocity. This will ensure you always maintain an optimum level of inventory and never experience stockouts

Seamless Purchase Order generation

Have all the necessary supplier information at your fingertips when creating purchase orders. With the entire catalog from every channel synced in the system, purchase order generation becomes easier and faster.

Why EasyEcom

Happy Customers

What the clients have to say?

Killer Jeans

We used logic ERP before and it did not support eCommerce. With EasyEcom, our inventory turnover ratio has improved by around 25% and volumes have grown 150% over the period of 18 months.

Killer Jeans
CrystalArc - National distributor for Casio

We carry expensive items in our inventory. That doesn’t allow us to segregate eCommerce inventory. EasyEcom helped establish the shared inventory process for our company across all the sales channels. Excellent product with world class service.

CrystalArc – National distributor for Casio

Manage Procurement by Optimized inventory levels

The system recommends inventory based on your previous sales velocity and inventory planning duration. This optimizes your inventory levels and ensures zero stockouts.

You can also easily manage multi-supplier procurement, receive inventory into the system and manage the QC process from a single platform.


Supplier Management

EasyEcom’s warehouse management system provides options like self-sign-up and supplier registration to aid in creating a centralized supplier database for easy PO assignment and order placement. 

Back ordering

The backordering feature allows you to take orders from customers while the inventory is en route, thereby streamlining on-demand inventory procurement.

EasyEcom Purchasing Automation

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