Multi Channel Commerce is the new retail

Brands need to be available across all sales channels possible to provide customers with a coherent buying experience. With EasyEcom’s industry-leading omnichannel platform, you can seamlessly sell across platforms with centralized and channel-level control of your inventory. The operating costs and time saved on tending to manually can be wisely used for scaling your eCommerce business. 

Why EasyEcom

Drive Growth Through Multi-Channel Commerce

Save Inventory Cost

EasyEcom’s ready integrations with eCommerce marketplaces and storefronts allows you to list your inventory across sales channels without having to keep a separate reserve for each channel. This frees the working capital previously tied to reserving inventory channel-wise.

Expand your Business Across Channels

Increase your brand visibility on multiple sales channels, while leaving all the backend operations like order-fulfillment and accounting integration on us. Sell faster across existing channels, and easily integrate with the new ones.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers a seamless buying experience across channels with faster deliveries, live order tracking updates. This is a great way to win the trust of your new customer, improve brand perception, and thereby ensuring repeat purchases.

Why EasyEcom

Happy Customers

What the clients have to say?

Killer Jeans

We used logic ERP before and it did not support eCommerce. With EasyEcom, our inventory turnover ratio has improved by around 25% and volumes have grown 150% over the period of 18 months.

Killer Jeans
CrystalArc - National distributor for Casio

We carry expensive items in our inventory. That doesn’t allow us to segregate eCommerce inventory. EasyEcom helped establish the shared inventory process for our company across all the sales channels. Excellent product with world class service.

CrystalArc – National distributor for Casio

Automated Multi-Channel Commerce

With EasyEcom’s centralized inventory and order management platform, you can bulk list your inventory across channels, and enjoy the benefit of auto-inventory updates across sales channels after every order. This helps you avoid blocking inventory channel-wise, and the situation of over-stocking or understocking. 

Strong Inventory Analytics

Inventory management can be a complex process for multi-channel sellers. EasyEcom provides sellers with comprehensive reports to help identify the stock status for multiple inventory items, best-selling products, and devise a well-informed inventory purchase plan to ease out the process. 

Easy Reconciliation

Each sales channel has its data formats and reconciliation complexities. With EasyEcom you can automate the reconciliation process, and track channel payments, track marketplace deductions, and manage unsettled claims and returned orders across channels seamlessly from a single dashboard. 

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