EasyEcom’s industry-leading platform enables you to access inventory across sales channels, warehouses and allows managing it from a single dashboard. Keeping track of your inventory via a unified platform can minimize investment and handling costs, prevent overstocking, and output fluctuation while keeping customer satisfaction unscathed.

Why EasyEcom

Automate Inventory – Focus on Growth

Automate Multichannel Inventory

Today’s consumers are present on multiple channels, so brands should make it easier for them to buy from you. EasyEcom provides centralized control of inventory and channel level control to efficiently manage the growth of the business by enabling this process.

Get In-depth Inventory Analytics

A major portion of operating costs for a retail business goes to managing inventory, particularly when it’s falling short or going overboard. Hence, it requires a thorough analysis throughout the management process. EasyEcom provides in-depth predictive analysis with complete sales trends that you can match to channel-level demand.

Smart inventory planning and replenishment

Demand planning for various channels gets automated using self-learning algorithms. Accurate forecasting helps you with smart inventory planning, thereby avoiding expensive stockouts or inventory overstocking.

Inventory Visibility Across Supply Chain


EasyEcom provides a unified platform for inventory control across channels. It helps get visibility and control over the entire inventory movement. With EasyEcom, brands can get a common view of inventory across eCommerce storefronts, wholesale, Marketplace channels like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Flipkart, Etsy, POS at store level, 3PL, etc.

Aggregation of Inventory Across Channels

Inventory segregated channel-wise can lock up working capital, creating an additional burden on the low-margin retail business. With EasyEcom’s solution, you can merge your multi-channel business operations into a common backbone.

The Omni-channel enabled EasyEcom platform aggregates inventory from across offline stores, multiple warehouses, and exposure to channels like Amazon & Shopify. Store and eCommerce integration drives sales and inventory turnover, thereby boosting profitability.

Accurate Inventory Forecasting & Automate Purchasing

EasyEcom aggregates inventory across all channels and helps brands optimise the purchasing. No need to manage large spreadsheets and complex formulae for inventory planning.

With proper demand planning, brands have experienced a 98% decrease in their stock outs and an 85% improvement in the overstocking errors.

EasyEcom Purchasing Automation

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