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WOW Skin Science

Beauty, Cosmetic, and Personal Care

HEADQUARTERS : Bengaluru, Karnataka


50-100 Employees


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WOW Skin Science

The brand launched its first product four years ago. The company was founded on the intent of delivering chemical-free premium health products. The brand combines the traditional Indian Ayurveda with western herbal science to redefine natural beauty products as we know them. 

The company was founded by Arvind, Ashwin Sokke, along with Manish and Karan Chowdhary in 2016. Ever since its inception, WOW’s unique formulations stood apart from its rivals in the skincare domain. The brand is known to invest extensively in research and development that sets them apart from the competition. This investment gave birth to their proprietary ‘mother of vinegar’ extract from raw Himalayan apples. 

WOW belongs to the family of internet first brands. With its association with major eCommerce channels such as Amazon, WOW was able to attract thousands of customers in a short span of time. Amit Agarwal, Head Of Amazon India has confirmed on record that WOW products are a big hit among the sellers. The natural formulations at affordable prices and a “customer-first” strategy have made the company a global success. Their Apple cider vinegar shampoo is the best selling product in the US on Amazon.

According to Manish, “In the West, there’s an increasing consciousness of using organic, nature-based products, and that’s what WOW Skin Science has delivered. The last quarter has been very good for us because we’ve achieved remarkable growth in our market. We have 100 + product variants with creative and successful formulations”.


Critical eCommerce Challenges:

WOW was selling through multiple online channels including their own brand store powered by Shopify. Managing sales on multiple channels and keeping track of the inventory was a tedious task. The aftermath of the process was too many “stockout” situations where the order came in from the brand store and it was sold on Amazon. This situation especially exasperated during the peak demand periods.

Distribution Channels:

  • Brand portal ( hosted using Shopify
  • Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, PayTM, Myntra
  • Offline orders

The company needed a system that could centralize the inventory and provide maximum exposure to all inventory units. After a lot of market research, the WOW team stumbled upon EasyEcom and we immediately hit it off. We collaborated soon after and there was no turning back. WOW not only found a multi-channel inventory solution from EasyEcom, but also a trusted partner that focused on driving efficiency and sales for WOW.

With its exponential growth, WOW opened regional warehouses closer to the cluster of users from where the demand was coming. Now order routing and inventory aggregation became a huge challenge as well.

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Major problems faced by WOW:

  • Integration of Shopify with central inventory management
  • Manual inventory update was extremely laborious and time-consuming
  • Multiple warehouse management for Shopify fulfillment


Solutions prior to EasyEcom:

Before EasyEcom, WOW found a multi-channel inventory solution to manage their eCommerce business. While this solution provided multi-warehouse integration with eCommerce storefronts, it lacked major functionalities that were required to determine profitability. There were no tools in place that could optimize the brand’s day to day operations. 

Furthermore, the pricing scheme for this solution was too steep. The pricing ate into the margins for the company and it became difficult to sustain the minimum profitability levels.

How EasyEcom planned the rescue:

After getting a disappointing response from the other inventory management platform, WOW moved to EasyEcom and we started optimizing their day to day operations, one at a time.

  • We started with rule-based multiple warehouse management for a seamless optimized logistics movement.
  • Multiple Warehouse Management for Shopify helped the brand manage inventory across multiple geographies and also saved cost and time on logistics.
  • We implemented Centralized inventory management across channels that reduced the stock hot rate for the brand and the inventory sync across channels in realtime smoothen the day to day operations.
  • We set up a seamless integration with major sales channels, both online and offline, and also set up POS integration. 
  • We further moved on to automating shipping carrier based on priorities and assignment rules.
  • We also implemented automatic tracking of packages and updates to customers that helped drive customer trust.

Apart from everything integrated on a single dashboard, we also arranged for one on one consultation on-demand with our solution experts as required.


WOW has been using the EasyEcom solution for its multi-channel sales since mid-2017. Their business volume has consistently increased across different channels. The brand has crossed $100M in revenue as of today.  

What WOW has to say:

“Because of the scalable solution provided by EasyEcom, WOW team has easily handled the day to day operations even at manyfold business that we are doing now. We are looking to adopt the EasyEcom platform for other brands as well”

Karan Chowdhary, Co-Founder at WOW Skin Science

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