Streamline Your Ecommerce Business Processes with EasyEcom

Ever since its conception, eCommerce has been on a steady rise, however, the last couple of years have accelerated this growth to a whole new level. Owning a digital storefront is not optional for retail businesses but a necessity instead. If you are operating a retail business in any capacity, offline and online, this is for you. 

Let’s start with what EasyEcom is and what it offers to help you with your eCommerce journey.

EasyEcom is AI-powered omnichannel inventory management and reconciliation tool that helps brands accelerate their digital growth with end-to-end management for inventory, warehousing, payment reconciliation, and integrated wholesale management. The system essentially enables you to list products across multiple eCommerce platforms with a single interface to control inventory flow across all channels. EasyEcom handles all your day-to-day eCommerce business operations seamlessly, saving you time and labor on the repeated tasks. 

Now that you know exactly what EasyEcom is, let’s see if it fits with the requirements of your business and your own operational capacity.  

Is EasyEcom suitable for your business needs?

In the simplest of words, if you produce, purchase, or sell any merchandise in your online business, you need to keep track of your inventory flow. 

Here’s a quick checklist on whether or not you need a solution like EasyEcom for your eCommerce business.

  • You are selling your products via multiple eCommerce channels or planning on doing so in the near future.
  • You are looking for solutions to optimize your supply chain by deploying top-notch order routing through distributed warehouses/ FBA or other 3PL providers
  • You are looking for solutions to minimize losses incurred due to unpaid orders, extra shipping charges, wrong deductions, or any under/over stocking situations.
  • You are looking forward to managing kits and bundles in your inventory
  • You are looking for an integrated accounting process with platforms like Quickbooks, Tally, SAP, etc.

You can leverage the capabilities of EasyEcom if you are-

  • An eCommerce seller
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor 
  • Wholesaler
  • Multiple Warehouses Owner

EasyEcom- The Vision and The Mission

EasyEcom prides itself in being the Operating system for eCommerce and scaling this vision to assist eCommerce businesses owners across the globe is our ultimate mission. 

With that in mind, we aim to provide a comprehensive technology platform to manage the omnichannel business for growing eCommerce brands. EasyEcom accelerates the growth of enterprises with a powerful, cloud-based platform that provides advanced features and critical business reports based on deep-data analytics.

The following sum up the capacity in which EasyEcom intends to fulfill the vision:

  •  End-to-End Inventory Management
  •  Timely Order Fulfilment
  •  Efficient Warehouse Management
  •  Complete Stock Visibility & Control
  •  Accurate and Automated Reconciliation
  • Automated Accounting
  •  Deep-Data Driven Reports & Analytics


Why do we call EasyEcom the Operating System for your eCommerce?

EasyEcom, in its entirety, is everything you need to streamline your eCommerce operations for an optimized supply chain. From end-to-end management for inventory, warehousing, payment reconciliation, order management for B2C, and integrated wholesale eCommerce (some call it B2B), you get everything with a single-click integration. Let’s dig in deep and walk you through the processes and the value adds that EasyEcom brings at every touchpoint.

When you create an account with EasyEcom and integrate all your sales channels, ERP platforms, and logistics partners, you will be amazed to see how EasyEcom can make your eCommerce operations so seamless. 

Some of the activities pertaining to order processing, stock update, etc don’t even require you to log in to the online marketplaces or storefront dashboard. You can handle it all from a unified panel at EasyEcom.

Inventory Management and Purchase Planning 

Upon channel integration, all the products listed on these channels will be pulled onto the EasyEcom system. When you update the stock for these products, it will be synced across all the integrated platforms. In simpler terms, if an order comes from any one of the platforms that you have integrated EasyEcom with, the stock would be reserved for that order and the remaining quantities will be auto-updated across channels. This cycle will continue until your physical stock for any SKU becomes zero unless you have implemented inventory threshold alerts, where you will be notified once the inventory drops below your set threshold value. By syncing your product stock across all sales channels on a real-time basis, EasyEcom helps in managing inventory and effective purchase planning.  

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory forecasting is one of the most crucial features of a good cloud-based inventory management system. If you get that right, you can have a structured supply chain optimized to generate maximum operational efficiency. You can keep a track of supply, demand and handle purchase orders better. 

While forecasting inventory, EasyEcom takes several factors into account and automatically calculates preferred stocking levels, lead times, and re-order points, making suggestions in the order items list and its pricing. 

The inventory forecasting feature of EasyEcom majorly helps you ensure optimal stock availability, thereby:

  • Cutting down on inventory holding costs
  • Reducing product waste
  • Minimizing stock-outs

Accounting and Finances 

One other USP of the EasyEcom system is seamless accounting, which can be a pain point if not dealt with accurately. You can seamlessly manage your business invoices while eliminating any manual errors. You also have an option to view and download your invoices, for any time duration. You can check the data for either a particular marketplace or all marketplaces at the same time, with just one click. The ERP software integrations enable your business to easily import their sales orders, returns, and payment receipts. The system automates the entire invoicing and tax calculation process, which makes it significantly simpler for you to manage accounting without having to handle multiple ERP tools and/or spreadsheets.

In a nutshell, EasyEcom integrates your business’s Accounting, Financial, and Inventory systems, making the communication between these information systems seamless. 

How does EasyEcom help your business?

Like we mentioned before, EasyEcom is your one-stop solution if you have anything remotely close to digital commerce in place. Here in this section, we have discussed the nitty-gritty of how exactly EasyEcom helps your business at different points of the supply chain. 

Stock Management

If you are doing it right, your brand is present across major digital platforms and manually keeping track of all your stock listings on these marketplaces is not a plausible scenario unless you have a large enough team to manage each channel. A centralized inventory management system like EasyEcom provides complete control over your inventory across sales channels and saves you a lot of manpower costs while leaving ample room and time for business growth. 

Furthermore, EasyEcom gives you visibility over your entire inventory flow with its state-or-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can be integrated with all your sales channels.  This makes tracking stock level, order fulfillment, product history, along with other product specifications much easy. 

Note that not all businesses require managing warehouses on their own, particularly when they are outsourcing to 3PL and 4PL companies. 

The major stock management features that you get with EasyEcom include:

  • Barcode scanning and tagging
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Report generation
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Purchase order records
  • Stock returns handling
  • Product Grouping
  • Buffer Inventory management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Vendor Management

Sales Management

Sales management with EasyEcom brings two aspects –

There are features that help you with order fulfillment while maintaining optimal inventory levels, thereby providing you with a structured process for creating orders and updating stock levels. These include:

  1. POS integrations

Integrating your POS system with EasyEcom helps you manage inventory for offline and online sales channels seamlessly from a unified dashboard. The POS integration auto-updates inventory across channels after every order, thereby helping you avoid overselling. Besides this, the system ensures optimal stock availability at all times by factoring in offline sales during purchase planning. 

2. Bulk Label Printing

The bulk label printing functionality speeds up order processing, saving a major chunk of time for order fulfillment. 

3. Shipping management

EasyEcom integrates with all your logistics partners for streamlined shipping management. The system automatically generates tracking numbers for all your orders. To further streamline your order fulfillment rate, the system auto-assigns carrier partners to fulfill your D2C orders based on the shipping rules that you define.

The other set of EasyEcom sales management features helps you grow sales and generate revenue. This largely involves Integrated wholesale (B2B) eCommerce order management with a typical routine handling the following aspects of your business. 

1. Sales tracking

The “Sales Tracking” functionality of the EasyEcom system enabled you to identify unexpected delays in order fulfillment and handle them timely, thus maintaining customer satisfaction.

2. Integrated Wholesale Management 

The integrated wholesale management functionality automates the entire process for you to streamline your wholesale operations. The invoice generation is automated and you can manage the wholesale customer accounts from a single dashboard, saving you time and errors. The system also provides you with consolidated wholesale reports for effective decision-making.

3. Suppliers Management

You can create Purchase Orders and track inventory received from multiple suppliers, all from a unified panel. The system helps you with efficient supplier management to ensure optimal stock availability at all times, fulfill orders timely, and drive business growth. 

4. Virtual Inventory Management

To help you boost sales, the EasyEcom system offers a virtual inventory management functionality. Virtual inventory is the stock quantity listed across sales channels that is not available at your warehouses. Displaying additional inventory available or “virtual inventory” allows you to accept high-volume customer orders that you can fulfill timely regardless of the actual inventory at the moment. 

Reporting and Analytics

In order to realize the true potential of your eCommerce business, you need to have actionable insights. This holds true for any business in general, operating in any capacity. EasyEcom provides you with comprehensive deep-data-driven reports and a channel-wise breakdown. 

  • Complete sales and return data

Get actionable business insights from the consolidated sales and return reports for multi-channel orders. Based on the data, you can choose to pull out or add items channel-wise and track their performance. This will help you spend your resources better and make smarter investments.

  • In-depth predictive analytics

With insights from the in-depth predictive analytics, you can maintain optimal stock levels, increase sales across channels, and take control of your overall business growth. 

  • Inventory replenishment reports

The inventory replenishment reports help you devise effective purchase planning decisions to ensure optimal stock availability to fulfill customer orders.

  • Overall Margin & profitability Reports

These reports help you easily identify total revenue generated and overall business profitability. You can view these reports channel-wise or generate a consolidated report for all channels. 

  • Trending products

With easy access to identify your most profitable and least profitable products across channels, you can come up with a better sales strategy for your company. 

Wrapping up the technical aspects of EasyEcom’s system capabilities, we’d like to throw some light on a bigger picture of how EasyEcom really helps your business grow. 

Save Time and Reduce Costs: 

A  centralized inventory management system like EasyEcom updates your inventory, tracks stock-outs across channels, and automatically manages and matches the orders from multiple channels and routes, replenishes and updates the stock levels in the inventory. All of this is reflected and handled via a single dashboard, essentially wipes out the need of scanning endless documents for long hours. The amount of time that you save with EasyEcom directly contributes to your growth and profitability.

Besides saving time, automating your eCommerce operations with EasyEcom will help you cut down on the operational costs in the following ways: 

  1. Reduced manpower cost since routine activities are automated
  2. Reduced overall operational costs since automating activities prevent manual errors and increase productivity. 

Reduce Effort:

When the entire stock movement and availability are reflected in the system, the effort that comes with manual handling of the process is remarkably reduced. With the state-of-the-art WMS, you can utilize warehouse space more optimally, and automating the routine tasks again saves workforce efforts and hours.

The ERP integration works in sync with the current accounting, sales, thereby eliminating the extra effort in documenting and scanning countless reports from multiple channels. This very feature eases your business actions at inter-departmental levels.

Retain Customers:

Retaining customers seems like a daunting task for businesses operating in any capacity. There are no tips, tricks, and shortcuts when it comes to nailing customer retention. It all comes down to how well you manage your supply and demand, and of course, how good your products are. While ensuring the product quality is entirely up to you, we can assure you of an optimized supply chain with our omnichannel inventory management system. 

Increase Sales:

When you are efficiently managing multi-channel orders without any over/under-stocking situation with complete real-time inventory movement updates and timely order fulfillment, you are significantly contributing to increasing sales for your business. Additionally, when you cut down on the operational overheads and costs, you can spend your resources in scaling your business and expanding your market reach. 

To summarize, EasyEcom streamlines your overall eCommerce operations, giving you the required boost to scale your business and an upper hand over your competitors. Get on board and see the remarkable difference in your operational efficiency and profitability yourself.

We’d wrap this up with the following additional perks your business enjoys: 

  • Free onboarding assistance
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Neat and user-friendly interface
  • A vast portfolio of functionalities and features 
  • 200+ eCommerce integrations
  • AWS-based highly scalable platform
  • Safe and secure software
  • Company of high growth brands

We hope that this helps you get a better understanding of what EasyEcom is, and what it can offer your business. To see things in action, schedule a demo with our solution experts. Drop a line at

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