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In our last post, we shared what all we have been doing to cater to the load upsurge for the upcoming festive season. If you are still not caught up with our recent updates, check it out here.

It’s been months now that EasyEcom has been preparing to go above and beyond to truly become the Operating System of eCommerce and deliver a coherent selling experience to its customer base. All the old APIs have been replaced with new ones for better responsiveness, new system integrations and functionalities are already live on the dashboard, and there is so much more in the pipeline. 

Furthermore, we have also pushed our order processing limits with extensive load testing that aligns with the upgraded system functionalities. The new numbers are huge enough to cover the festive upsurge put together for all our customers in this season and the ones ahead.

We were also able to get hands-on experience with some of our esteemed customers that further assured our enhanced system potential. In this article, we will share how EasyEcom has extended its technology stack to seamlessly process 1 Million orders per day. Our newfound limits were reaffirmed during the sales events of Beardo and Mamaearth, two of our prestigious customers. The fast-growing brands together processed around 100k orders per day for their sales events. After a series of rigorous load testing sessions internally, we were able to achieve this sizable benchmark. 

EasyEcom Unlocks New Growth Milestones During Beardo’s Sales Event

Beardo is India’s leading shopping platform for a complete range of grooming products for men. Besides providing beard grooming products, the brand is swiftly making its way into men’s skincare and haircare range. Conceived only 5 years back, Beardo is a fast-growing brand that deals with grooming and personal care for men. We onboarded Beardo a few months back and it’s been an exciting journey so far.

The brand conducted a sales-event a couple of weeks after deploying EasyEcom. The 3-day affair was aimed to create a lot of traction and fetch a remarkable number of orders from a wide range of audiences all over the country. As expected, the event did attract a lot of attention, meaning an enormous amount of orders registered within a short period of time. Owing to our assiduous load testing sessions, we were prepared to handle orders volumes as high as 1 Million. The event was a huge success and Beardo recorded a benchmark number of successfully processed orders. 

EasyEcom Backed Mamaearth for their Best Ever OMG Sale

Mamaearth is a pioneer in skin, hair, and baby products. Furthering their too good to be true sales tradition, Mamaearth recently conducted their Oh MY Goodness sale yet again. This special sale is usually a big hit among its customer base. This time, however, they knocked it right out of the park. Lasting for a full 3 days, Mamaearth processed a remarkable number of orders per day. 

EasyEcom has been associated with Mamaearth since the product portfolio was small and the order volume was roughly 500 orders per day. The company, since then, has grown 20x and has emerged as a market leader in the baby-care segment.

MamaEarth is known to conduct a number of sales events every now and then. The OMG sale, however, is a major event in the category. The company had been preparing for this sale for a while, anticipating a remarkable turnover and rightly so. 

Beardo and Mamaearth together clocked roughly 100k orders per day. In addition to these two thriving brands, EasyEcom has also handled an upsurging load and increasing demand for some of our other esteemed customers including WOW Skin Science. Belonging to the family of internet first brands, WOW Skin Science combines the traditional Indian Ayurveda and western herbal science to deliver chemical-free health and beauty products. The company since its association with EasyEcom has graciously grown 5x and we are all set to handle the next growth sprint for the brand.

EasyEcom’s load handling and order processing capabilities have been put to test on multiple occasions and we have always come out with flying colors.

How did we do it?

We had been preparing for a pioneering moment to flaunt EasyEcom’s system capabilities for a while now. And, our load testing sessions had been getting rigorous since the past few months. Our system could always handle tens of thousands of orders  comfortably on a daily basis but we swiftly wanted to increase these numbers to the best of our potential. During a recent load-testing session, we successfully achieved a load volume of 1 MILLION orders per day. While at it, our system was able to achieve a peak of 1500 orders per minute, which happened to be the greatest testing number to date for EasyEcom!

Highly scalable AWS driven architecture for real-time capacity scaling

To successfully handle a load of 1 million orders per day, the system is required to scale dynamically horizontally on its own. We got additional servers in place for real-time server scaling and to check the accuracy of the system which can help us scale up and down as per the requirement. After a lot of back and forth, our scaling time is well within 5 minutes now and our new record is set to 1500 orders per minute.

Other than server scaling and extensive load testing, we also tested the system capabilities for our shipment integrations with shipment creation and order import for large order volumes. 

We are prepared to enable 10x growth for you, this festive season and beyond!

We have tried, tested, and implemented our order processing capabilities along with the rest of the system functionalities with few of our other esteemed clients and we are confident of enabling 10x growth for all of you trusting us with your eCommerce businesses. To deliver you the best Operating system for eCommerce and handle the increasing demand, we have also expanded our team in all domains. To check out all the latest dashboard updates, you can visit here

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