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New Webhook: Get Marketplace Orders Real-Time via Webhook 

The latest webhook enhancement now provides you with the option to get new orders imported into the system for marketplace integrations on a real-time basis. Real-time update on new orders ensures that sellers like you can initiate processing at the earliest possible. 

How does this work?  

  1. Customer (X) orders from seller (Y) directly via the marketplace
  2. Marketplace notifies EasyEcom that a new order is placed on its portal
  3. EasyEcom imports the order into the seller’s account
  4. Seller processes orders using EasyEcom 

Please note that this is only possible if the marketplace allows webhook functionality. 

In case of any queries, get in touch with our customer support via our helpdesk or write to us at You can also talk to our product support executive directly via the live chat feature available on the dashboard, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m IST. on weekdays, from 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. on weekends and 9 a.m to 6 p.m. EST for non-Indian sellers. 

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