Major changes in Menu button

Hello Sellers!!

To improve customer experience with EasyEcom, the team has come up with few changes in our EasyEcom panel. Find the applied changes with screenshots below:

  1. We have come up with a new look of EasyEcom panel.

2. WMS section has been removed and a new section named Masters is introduced.

3. Shelf Master and Vendor Master options under WMS is moved to the new section, Masters

4. WMS section options – à Purchase Planning, Purchase Orders, Shelving, Inventory View by Shelf, Inventory view by SKU, Bill Details by Serial, Cycle count, Bulk inventory Adjustment, PutAway are moved to Inventory section.

5. Product Masters under inventory section has moved to a new section, Masters.

6. Career Management under Account settings has moved to Masters Section as Carrier master.

7. Tax settings under Accounting has been moved to Masters as Tax Master

Upcoming feature : We will soon be launching our Android App.

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