Feature Enhancement: Define Inventory Threshold Channel-Wise

The functionality of listing partial inventory channel-wise is now upgraded. You can now list a fixed inventory count (more or less than the actual inventory available at the warehouse)  channel-wise  based on your requirement. 

With the functionality of listing a higher inventory count, you increase the chances of potential sales from a respective sales channel. This is suggested for all sellers that follow a just-in-time inventory model or have a robust supply chain management system. 

In case you want to create an artificial product shortage to boost sales or wish to maintain buffer stocks, you can opt to list lesser quantities than available. 

For example, let us say you have 100 units of shirts available at your warehouse and you want to list available quantities as 90 units on Amazon and 120 units on your Shopify built website. In order to list the required quantities, set absolute thresholds for -10 and +20 for Amazon and Shopify built websites respectively. 

In order to do that, go to “Inventory >> Manage Listings “ and click on “Update Listings”. 

Set marketplace and download the listing data template file. 

Record absolute inventory thresholds in the “Delta Inventory Adjustment” field and upload this file to EasyEcom. 

You can then view your inventory listing status from the “Manage Inventory” section. 


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