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EasyEcom is unarguably user-friendly and operates with real-time speed. The customers I’ve onboarded onto the platform are delighted with how it analyzes a very granular level of data with almost 100% accuracy, not to mention how knowledgeable, responsive, and accommodating the team has been in their interactions.”

TS Edge was founded by Shubhdip Das, an investment banker-turned-business developer who took the entrepreneurial plunge in 2015. Das has been in the eCommerce space for the last 8.5 years and got acquainted with the EasyECom team and platform in 2016. Impressed with the platform’s speed with respect to inventory, one-stop execution, and payment tracking, Shubhdip decided to become an EasyEcom partner for the Bombay locale. His network of contacts resulted in EasyEcom onboarding several high-visibility, high-growth brands onto the tool.


Why Choose EasyEcom?

As a seasoned eCommerce expert who handles transactions for merchants, Shubhdip is aware of the challenges plaguing the domain, such as lapses in customer support to troubleshoot even minor issues. With EasyEcom, however, TS Edge found the setup for support both visible and accessible. Headed by a team that is knowledgeable and highly responsive, Shubhdip was appreciative of how snags could be resolved over chat or via screen sharing, reducing the back-and-forth over email threads. 


The Impact

TS Edge has found it simpler and time-efficient to upload data from Flipkart and Amazon onto EasyEcom. It takes them just under 5 minutes which is very useful because it saves time in creating masters. Shubhdip is also happy with how order processing and manifest downloads happen almost in real-time, making users more self-sufficient. 

Having been instrumental in onboarding several clients and setting up the process for some of them at a lower margin, Shubhdip is appreciative of the EasyEcom team’s openness to negotiation, raising its commercial friendliness without compromising on quality.

I would recommend EasyEcom because the software is very easy to use. There’s no dependency on others. The commercial friendliness that users get maximizes the ROI without losing out on customization and flexibility.  In fact, the level of customization is quite high, with the team able to do integration requests very well”.

Shubhadip Das, Founder at TS Edge

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