Incirco onboards 6 clients with full-scale, in-person platform implementation in 60 days.

Incirco Ventures LLP


Information Technology Services


New Delhi, India







Trust, product, and opportunity were key to Incirco’s decision to join EasyEcom’s partnership program. The EasyeCom platform’s level of integration, at-scale warehousing, and packing station automation, coupled with Incirco’s Enterprise IT consulting experience resulted in Incirco onboarding 6 clients in 60 days. Being part of EasyEcom’s partnership program brings a lot of financial and intellectual growth opportunities for partners to grow their presence and build relationships both within the organization and across the ecosystem.

About Incirco: Incirco Ventures LLP was founded in 2009 and sits out of New Delhi,India. Incirco is headed by Nikhil Rishi, a serial entrepreneur-turned-solutionist with a track record of providing stellar consultative services across the Information Technology, Manufacturing & Supply Chain industries. In 2021, Incirco took their association with EasyECom to the next level by partnering to provide consultative implementation services to in-office customers.


Why Choose EasyEcom?

Incirco helps offices understand their current situation, where they should reach, what the vision should be and how the EasyEcom product can help them achieve that vision. As a solutionist who started out as an inventory management platform user himself, Nikhil advises on improving the way people and processes work. 

As Nikhil puts it, ‘ As my relationship with EasyEcom grew, we started implementing as well for clients in Delhi and NCR. EasyEcom has their inhouse team, and my team works in parallel to arrange physical meetings with clients in offices in and around Delhi/NCR. What attracted me to partner with Punit was the trust, product, and opportunity. ‘

EasyEcom secured $2 million in funding from IndiaMart in 2022, in line with the latter’s long-term plan to offer SaaS solutions for businesses. This was another encouraging factor. The features that put EasyEcom ahead of the pack include its level of integration with the Flipkart smart technology utility, at-scale warehousing and packing station automation. 

The Impact

The demand for eCommerce is growing. Since partnering with EasyEcom in January 2022, Incirco has successfully onboarded and implemented the software for 6 newly acquired clients.  Incirco has made technology adoption easier for EasyEcom enterprise clients situated in physical office spaces, with users have expressed their delight in having someone with experience on the platform coming in to explain the gaps that EasyEcom fills in. This trust-building exercise will lead to a rise in Enterprise grade clients in the pipeline who wish to get the most out of a solution that offers everything in one place in one go while remaining flexible. 

Partnering with EasyEcom brings a lot of financial and intellectual growth opportunities for partners to grow their presence and build relationships both within the organization and across  the ecosystem.”

-Nikhil Rishi (CEO & Founder, Incirco)

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