MCaffeine – The Growth Story


Personal Care

Bengaluru, Karnataka


11-50 Employees



About MCaffeine

The name ‘MCaffeine’ will probably have you thinking about coffee from an international company, but a close look at the bottles reveals shower gels, face washes, and shampoos to make your skin glow with caffeine extracts. Why choose caffeine as a product? This came about because while researching extracts, they found online literature which stated that caffeine is very nourishing for the skin. They roped in consultants who designed formulations for skin care and began creating caffeine-based shampoos. After contracting a certain set of orders, they began selling it in a local saloon in Mumbai. People validated the product for its consistency and by October 2016, the company began to order six stock keeping units (SKUs). They are planning to launch 40 SKUs by 2017. Immediately, they began selling through Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. They have so far sold 30,000 SKUs and plan to scale up further by selling on retail channels.

Business Model

The business works like any in the FMCG industry. It has a supply chain and a channel. The margins are shared by the chain. The company’s warehouse in Mumbai, is managing pan-India distribution. But the company believes volumes will be built with offline channels opening up. They have invested close to $200,000 in the business.


Challenges :

When MCaffeine started the business with less than 40 SKU in hand, it was quite easy to manage the inventory, payments and returns. The Problem started when they started expanding their online presence and  SKU’s. Within a month or two they started receiving 4 times the order they used to get initially and this created confusion on how to manage payments and integrate an Automated accounting software to release the burden and focus more on business. The major problems MCaffeine faced before starting with EasyEcom:

  1. Extra Marketplace Deduction in Courier/Commission/Gateway/Closing fee.
  2. Returns Tracking (Customer/Courier Return)
  3. Unsettled Orders (Against which invoice the Marketplace have not settled the amount)
  4. Margin Report (Which SKU and Category is performing best with Profit & Loss Percentage).

How EasyEcom helped Mcaffeine

Vaishali (one of the core member at MCaffeine) says, before EasyEcom the job of managing inventory then order and then sit with accounts was a tedious job and left no time to think on how to scale up there business. This made her to search for a software that can completely help her out with the Reconciliation needs. Today EasyEcom is helping the Internal team of MCaffeine with Business Analytics (Sales/Returns/Margins) and  Automated Accounting on an Invoice level for all channels with 24 hour support.


Period 1: Before using EasyEcom            Period 2: After using EasyEcom

“EasyEcom’s Cloud based tool has helped us in minimizing a lot of human effort we used to put before to do the same task. Today we process every single order smoothly with and Accounting of each and every single Invoices.” Concludes Ms Vaishali Gupta.

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