WOW-Health & Wellness


Personal care and Dietary supplements

Bengaluru, Karnataka


50-100 Employees


About Wow
Wow is personal care and dietary supplements line of products. Brand combines the traditional health benefits known by ancient Indian knowledge with modern science of such products. This is a killer combination and offers unparalleled care and hence the brand saw huge demand from day one. To ensure quality, WOW products are manufactured at a modern manufacturing plant in pollution-free foothills of Himalayas in India.

Wow belongs to the family of internet first brands in India. With its association with major eCommerce channels such as Amazon, Wow brand was able to attract thousands of customers in a short span of time. That helped build brand loyalty and it saw huge percent of repeat purchases from the customers. By now Wow was selling through multiple online channels including their own brand store powered by Shopify. Managing multiple channels sales and inventory was a tedious task and resulted into too many stock out situations where order came in from the brand store and it was sold on Amazon. This situation specially exasperated during the peak demand periods.

Wow brand needed a solution that can centralize the inventory and provide maximum exposure to each inventory piece until the last one. Wow team came across EasyEcom while searching for a solution and we hit it off from the day one. Wow not only found a multi-channel inventory solution from EasyEcom, but also a trusted partner that focused on driving efficiency and sales for Wow.

With its exponential growth, Wow opened regional warehouses closer to the cluster of users from where the demand was coming. Now order routing and inventory aggregation became a huge challenge as well.


  • Brand portal ( hosted using Shopify
  • Flipkart, Amazon, eBay
  • Offline orders

Problems faced

  • Integration of Shopify with central inventory management
  • Manual inventory update was extremely laborious and time consuming
  • Multiple warehouse management for Shopify fulfillment

Solutions prior to EasyEcom

Before EasyEcom, Wow brand found a multi-channel inventory solution, other than EasyEcom. While this solution provided multi warehouse integration with eCommerce storefronts, it lacked major functionalities needed to determine the profitability and tools to optimise. On top of that, pricing scheme at this solution was too steep. Pricing ate into the margins for the Wow brand and it became difficult to sustain the minimum profitability levels.

Benefits for shifting to EasyEcom

Wow has been using EasyEcom solution for its multi-channel sales since mid 2017. Business volume has been consistently increasing across different channels. In the past 6 months, Wow has seen volume increase of around 2.5x. According to Mr. Karan, founder of the brand Wow, “Because of scalable solution provided by EasyEcom, Wow team has easily handled the day to day operations even at manyfold business that we are doing now. We are looking to adopt EasyEcom platform in other brands as well”. Following are the major benefits that Wow team has experienced:

  • Rule based multiple warehouse management for seamless optimised logistics movement.
  • Shopify multiple warehouse management option to manage inventory across the country and saving cost and time on logistics.
  • Reduced stock hot rate due to centralised inventory management across channels
  • Seamless integration with major sales channels, both online and offline
  • POS integration
  • Wholesale Management Solution
  • Shipping carrier automation based on priorities and assignment rules
  • Automatic tracking of packages and updates to customers
  • Centralized Inventory management across channels
  • Inventory forecasting
  • 1-1 consultation on demand with experts

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