INDUSTRY : Home Decor

HEADQUARTERS : Ahmadabad, Gujarat

FOUNDED : 1980

COMPANY SIZE : 1000-2000 Employees



CTM Mills, knows what it means to be prepared. Located in a remote place in the state of Gujarat(India), they operated their textile business and had already built a good name in the industry. They started getting enquiries from other parts of the country too. They knew it was time to expand. But being in the brick and mortar business they knew that it could be a very expensive expansion if they remained a brick and mortar business. The expansion would also require huge capital and marketing budget.


One of the co-founders of CTM Mills; Mr. Aayush Kumar says “As the world is getting smaller, opportunities for us are getting bigger and better. It’s time to start selling to the customers world-wide.” But the problem remained as the expansion would require huge capital and marketing budget. Even if they went online to reduce their brick and mortar store cost, still listings, order and inventory management, payment reconciliation, marketing and know how of online business was a huge problem which they had to solve.


  • Inventory management across 10 different ecommerce marketplaces to avoid over selling and getting penalized.
  • Order management from different panels was time consuming.
  • One of the challenges before them was to reduce the monthly returns online.
  • Another big challenge was to reconcile the payments and reduce their losses due to payment mismatches.

Solution :
The company had already identified the way-to-go-ahead, now the question was how. This is where EasyEcom came into picture and helped the brand increase their reach by going live on all the major eCommerce Channels like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, PayTM and Snapdeal and also helped the company manage their day to day business activities. EasyEcom helped them manage orders from a single panel, manage inventory automatically and reconcile their payments and returns. Aayush says “In search for a company which would help us get online by helping us in managing the inventory and reconciling the payments, I had left no stone unturned. But all in vain. There were different softwares which we subscribed and left. I had lost my interest and that was when I came across EasyEcom in an eCommerce related conference hosted by EasyEcom. It turned out to be a good decision and from that day onwards, I have never worried about the hassles of online business.”

Central Order Processing:

EasyEcom provided a central order processing for the online marketplaces from where the seller could manage his orders, labels, invoicing etc from a single dashboard.

Central Inventory Management :

EasyEcom provided a central inventory management which automated the inventory management by taking over the manual process of inventory sync (updation to marketplace) to different channels

Payment Reconciliation: EasyEcom helped the team reduce the time spent on reconciliation and increase the accuracy by automating this process of payment matching to find out any discrepancies. Advance analytics reports also helped Ayush and his team to understand the SKU level profitability and return ratios boosting ROI overall.

Result :

CTM Mills today has seen five folds growth within last 12 months. With the help of EasyEcom software, CTM eCommerce team was able to streamline their order and inventory management, return and payment reconciliation. More than anything the ability to push product catalogue to so many platform gave them huge exposure. He has also helped his fellow businessmen understand the opportunities of online business and grow their business with his guidance and help from EasyEcom.

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