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It’s been two weeks since Intuit announced that QuickBooks Commerce standalone product (formerly known as TradeGecko) is shutting down for good. The company has already stopped accepting new clients and the product will no longer be available in any form by this time next year. 

The only possible scenario is a bundled-up service available as a part of QuickBooks Online (QBO) for US customers only. If you are living in the States but not using QBO as an ERP, you don’t get access to the platform. Regardless of your geographical location, it only makes sense to switch to a reliable inventory management system.

We are stepping in to help those impacted! Spare us a few minutes of your time in return for an opportunity to make a smooth transition towards 10x business growth. 

Time is of Essence

For those of you already using the TradeGecko system, there is no arguing the importance of an inventory management system (IMS) and what it can do for your business. The competition in the eCommerce industry is cutthroat ($4.29 trillion in global eCommerce sales as of last year ) and you can’t afford to lose time hopping from system to system.

When it comes to choosing an inventory management system you can rely on, you need to look at three non-negotiable aspects – Features, Support, and Pricing.
With a flexible pricing structure, EasyEcom offers the most advanced features coherent to omnichannel selling and is an unmatched champion when it comes to customer support. 

What EasyEcom Offers to TradeGecko Customers

For those currently using TradeGecko, we are here to help you make an easy transit to a system that comes with perks. Join the EasyEcom family and avail yourself of the special offer that we have put together for you.

  • Free Assisted Onboarding for TradeGecko Customers 
  • First month absolutely free of charge 
  • 50% cashback on the first recharge with EasyEcom

If you are an eCommerce solution provider, a consultant, or a 3PL provider with a TradeGecko customer base, talk to us for customized partnership offers. Our expertise and experience will help you get the most out of the association for your client base.

“EasyEcom is a one-stop shop for your web store and marketplace sales and returns.  The various integration points are reasonably priced and robust. I recommend EasyEcom as a partner in helping you expand your eCommerce business. ”  

– Luis Lopez, Supply Chain Expert, Elite World Group 


Take Charge of your eCommerce growth with EasyEcom

EasyEcom takes pride in being the operating system of eCommerce and has helped over 2000+ eCommerce brands globally unlock their true business potential. Streamline and automate all your eCommerce business operations with EasyEcom and accelerate your business growth to ace the world of digital commerce. 

System capabilities in a nutshell,

  • Inventory Procurement through purchase order management 
  • Omnichannel Order Processing & Centralized Inventory Management.
  • State-of-art warehouse management system 
  • Automated Payment Reconciliation
  • Integrated Wholesale Management
  • Accounting automation with auto synchronization with accounting systems
  • Advanced reporting and analytics 

Get Started with EasyEcom in less than 24 Hours

A team of our solution experts and support is working round the clock to exclusively assist businesses in need of an inventory management system for their eCommerce wing. You can either drop a line at or sign up directly in case you want to explore the system beforehand.

You can also schedule a direct demo and see how fast our experts get back. 

Now is the time to make a decision and we hope that we have made it easy for you. 

See you onboard. 

Happy Seamless Selling!

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