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Packaging and Shipping


With the growing competition in the eCommerce market and high customer expectations, it has become imperative for brands to provide a seamless shopping experience across channels. Brands are adopting the omnichannel retail approach to offer a consistent shopping experience to the customers irrespective of the channel of purchase.  One of the many effective methods applied by modern D2C brands to offer an omnichannel buying experience is product packaging. One could also argue that efficient product…

eCommerce is at the center of modern retail today and customers’ expectations from it are skyrocketing. With a whole world of choice at their fingertips (quite literally), customers can switch loyalties at the drop of a hat. That is why it is critical for brands to provide the best service, from order to fulfilment to after-sales. The speed of delivery is of utmost importance to customers and plays a major role in purchase decision. Same-day…

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