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D2C Brands


I just earned a MamaEarth voucher on a recent Google Pay transaction. If you’re like me, you would definitely have seen similar such offers from D2C brands repeatedly either on social media platforms or when transacting with them on eCommerce marketplaces, payment facilitators and websites.  True, people have shopped online before the 2020 pandemic hit us worldwide. But the numbers have risen since then owing to the realization of the benefits digitality poses. D2C brands…

India is home to 800+ D2C brands. Despite the disruption to business-as-usual in the early days of the pandemic, increased internet penetration and necessity has driven consumers to be more digitally adept. As a result, several D2C brands are seeing an uptick in their sales growth from multiple revenue streams.  In a D2C business model, the middle sellers are taken out of the equation, thereby enabling brands to establish a direct connection with…

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